What can we learn from the droughts in Africa?

GLF Live with Augustine Kasambule, Patricia Kombo, Kamanzi Claudine and David Owino

An estimated 55 million people are already affected by drought every year, with climate change making these dry periods more extreme, less predictable and more frequent. They have devastating impacts on people, animals and entire landscapes through the destruction of ecosystems and increase risks such as food security.

In recognition of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we invited a group of experts for a live conversation on droughts, their impacts and innovative solutions in Africa.

Join us for this GLF Live with David Owino, the documentary film producer behind Kenya’s Desert Alert, Kamanzi Claudine, 2024 Dryland Restoration Steward, Patricia Kombo, Founder of the PaTree Initiative, and moderator Augustine Kasambule, Congo Basin Program coordinator at the Pulitzer Center.

Augustine Kasambule is the Congo Basin Program coordinator and a member of the editorial team at the Pulitzer Center. Before joining the Pulitzer Center, Augustine worked as a communication officer for international organizations including International Fund for Conservation and Education, Greenpeace Africa, World Wildlife Fund and Wildlife Conservation Society. She is also the co-founder of the Réseau de Communicateurs pour l’Environnement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and former presenter of environmental programs on the Antenne A television channel. She is also a producer of environmental documentaries. Her motto: “Objective reporting builds self-esteem and prevents us from being discredited by public opinion and colleagues.”

Kamanzi Claudine is the founder of the Forest for Life Project, with her a background in conservation agriculture. The project is dedicated to restoring graded lands in the Kayovu model village in the Bugesera district of Rwanda. Leveraging her expertise in conservation agriculture and drawing from experiences in previous projects such as Green Amayaga, Claudine works with three fellow youths to contribute valuable knowledge in sustainable land management. The central theme of their restoration approach is a holistic one, emphasizing the cultivation of native indigenous trees like Markhamia lutea, Ficus thonningii, Faidherbia albida and Acacia abyssinica. This approach addresses environmental challenges such as soil erosion, biodiversity loss and decreased soil fertility. The project encompasses various activities, including reforestation, agroforestry systems and capacity-building initiatives.

David Owino is a documentary film producer and broadcast journalist with 14 years of active professional practice. Since 2009, he has traversed the African continent, producing news features and documentaries on various issues, including climate change, inspiring human stories, business, culture, disasters and more. He has also produced commissioned documentaries for development organizations, including the UN office for Disaster Risk Reduction – UNDRR, Act Change Transform – ACT, Girls Not Brides UK, AMREF Health Africa, Pathfinder international among others. Currently freelancing for VoA and Africa News, he is a fellow of the Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (BMIA) for Financial Journalists and the Strathmore Business School programme for Business Journalism (SBJF). Brought up in the villages of southwestern Kenya, where storytelling is a treasured tool of education, cultural preservation, persuasion and inspiration, David is a storyteller from birth. He holds a BA in mass media and communication and a diploma in film and TV production.

Patricia Kombo is the Founder of the PaTree Initiative, through which she has planted over 10,000 trees and nurtured a generation of environmental stewards. She has authored children’s books on climate issues, engaged communities through her tree-planting initiative, and become a global advocate for community-led sustainable practices, having spoken at UN conferences and moderated panels with presidents. She has been recognized as a Land Hero by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.




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