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Climate Action and Sustainable Land Use in Forestry and Agriculture

Brought to you by The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 

In partnership with The Consumer Goods Forum, Earth Innovation Institute, UNDP, Forest Trends and The Nature Conservancy

Forests and agriculture play a key role for achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. Not only is their total emissions reduction potential roughly equal to that of the power and transport sectors combined, the CO2 abatement cost in agriculture and forestry is also estimated to be among the lowest across all economic sectors.

Recognizing the importance of forests and agriculture, Paris has catalysed ambitious commitments by forest and donor governments, as well as leading private sector companies. In addition to the pledges by national governments, a number of sub-national governments are now developing ambitious climate and forest programs at the jurisdictional level. Given the reduced geographic scale, such programs for jurisdictional sustainability hold great promise to accelerate the implementation of climate and development goals, including through action-oriented public-private partnerships.

The Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 is convening this half-day open forum for leaders from national and sub-national governments, the donor community, the private sector, and civil society organisations to foster shared understanding on effective approaches to realizing jurisdictional sustainability. The forum will explore key questions on jurisdictional programs, including:

– The importance of sustainable land use for the achievement of development, climate and inclusive growth goals

– How domestic policy priorities, corporate supply chain commitments and international support mutually reinforce each other and accelerate the transition towards sustainable land use

Confirmed panelists include

Darlington S. Tuagben, Deputy Managing Director Operations, Forestry Development Authority, Liberia

Frances Seymour, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development, D.C.

James Astill, Washington Correspondent, the Economist, USA

Justin Adams, Managing Director, Global Lands, The Nature Conservancy

A detailed programme with updated list of panelist is available here. Please register here. The event is open to the public and media.

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