Celebrate International Women's Day by recognizing eight visionary women transforming the world, from corporate spheres to community projects. They prioritize people and the planet, ushering in a better future. Be inspired by their stories and join the movement for global betterment.

On day 10 of COP28, we dive into the challenges, solutions and future of agriculture according to those building it.

Update from 2023: 10 myths about climate change – and how to debunk them Transcript Is global warming a hoax? What if the Earth is actually getting cooler? The climate has always been changing, so what’s the big deal? Myths and disinformation about climate change are all around us. But while it can be a […]

Transcript Climate change is grossly unfair. Consider this: Every year, the average American causes 16 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s about eight times as much as the average Indian, and almost 50 times as much as the average Kenyan. And yet, generally speaking, people in India and Kenya are experiencing climate change much more […]

Transcript When you think of the Sahara, you probably imagine a vast arid landscape of sand dunes, and… not much else. But 8,000 years ago, the Sahara was a completely different place. Animals like hippos and giraffes roamed what was then a lush green land of lakes and rivers, covered with trees and grasses. Humans […]

Ecologist Tom Crowther explains why restoration must be coupled with technology and the biodiversity gap of carbon credits.

Transcript Once upon a time, investing was all about making as much money as possible. Fund managers would pick investments that gave them the greatest return. Fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco – these were all fair game. But the rules of the game are changing. Take climate change, for example. A recent report from the United […]