Kiribati, a sovereign nation of 32 atolls and islands in Micronesia. Matthieu Rytz

Top 10 summer reads on landscapes

Staff picks for summer travel inspiration

With grueling heat waves hitting both Europe and the Indian subcontinent, summer has well and truly arrived in the northern hemisphere. It’s that time of year when many of our readers set off to discover our planet’s diverse landscapes, whether that means basking at the beach, scaling mountain peaks, camping in nature reserves, or simply strolling around the world’s finest concrete jungles. Here’s a selection of summer reads from Landscape News to get that travel inspiration flowing.

Kyoto since the Protocol

A look back at the Kyoto Protocol and its legacy in the city where it was signed.

Ryōan-ji temple, Kyoto
Janis Malcomson

How Bonn was reinvented for the 21st century

Once West Germany’s capital, here’s how Bonn transformed itself into a global sustainability hub.

Bonn cherry blossoms
robert.linden, Flickr

Why Apple is investing in Colombia’s mangroves

The tech giant is partnering with Conservation International and local government partners in Cispatá Bay.

Mangroves in Cispatá Bay, Colombia, supported by Apple
Courtesy of Apple

In China, the largest bamboo structure of its kind proclaims the plant’s future

Bamboo has long been used as a construction material in Asia, but its modern-day potential has yet to be fully explored.

Bamboo in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil
Neil Palmer/CIAT

Now playing: The age of enlightenment on Africa

South African creative agency I See a Different You works with global companies to change the narrative on Africa.

I See a Different You
Courtesy of I See a Different You

As Kiribati disappears, will the world take heed?

Filmmaker Matthieu Rytz on how a Pacific island nation is fighting a losing battle against the rising seas.

Matthieu Rytz

Islands in her sun

Fijian activist Komal Kumar explains why young people are key to solving the climate crisis.

Sunrise in Fiji
Kyle Post, Flickr

And a few perennial favorites:

Survival stories: How do we write our own?

Storytelling can have a massive impact on human behavior – and hence on human survival in the face of the climate crisis.

Roman mosaic of a Greek philosopher
Holly Hayes, Flickr

Bill McKibben on new book “Falter” and the human future

Author and activist Bill McKibben discusses his latest book Falter and why we should be wary of artificial intelligence.

Bill McKibben
Photo (right): Nancie Battaglia

What revolutionizing values could mean for capitalism – and the planet

Psychologist Tim Kasser on how materialistic values drive environmental destruction – and how intrinsic values can reduce it.

Tim Kasser's video "The High Price of Materialism"
New Dream



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