Environmental justice and the importance of YOUth

GLF Live with Elizabeth Gulugulu and Hilda Nakabuye

African countries are experiencing first-hand the tangible and catastrophic effects of climate change. Past years have been especially strenuous on African countries with cyclone Idai in the southern part of Africa, locusts in East Africa, and a series of floods and droughts across the continent. At the same time, the increasing youth population in Africa is galvanizing a new generation characterized by passion, civic engagement, creativity and commitment to tackling climate change. Young activists from Africa are crystal clear: the only way to create change is by being a part of it.

In this GLF Live, we heard from two inspiring activists: Elizabeth Gulugulu, from African Youth Initiative for Climate Change Zimbabwe, and Hilda Nakabuye, founder of Fridays for Future Uganda. Together, they delved into the meaning of environmental justice, the importance of inclusion and the different ways the youth can contribute to the climate action movement.

This GLF Live was hosted on the Global Landscape Forum’s Instagram on 27 April 2021.

Hilda Nakabuye is a young Ugandan climate and environmental rights activist and founder of Uganda’s Fridays for Future movement. She also advocates for greater gender equality and racial diversity in the climate change movement. One of her environmental concerns is saving Lake Victoria, which connects Uganda to neighboring countries. As part of her activism, Nakabuye visits schools and communities to empower more women to join the fight against climate change. She can be reached on Twitter at @NakabuyeHildaF.

Elizabeth Gulugulu is an environmental scientist and climate change activist and was listed as one of the top 100 Young African Conservation Leaders. She is passionate about food security and sustainable food systems and youth leadership & participation and mainstreaming Gender into our National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). She has five years’ experience in community engagement and environmental conservation. Currently, she volunteers for African Youth initiative on Climate Zimbabwe as the project manager. Her vision is to have a group of youth from Zimbabwe that is aware of the effects of climate change and are capable of offering solutions by 2025. She can be reached on Twitter at @lizgulaz.

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