How can we make the climate justice movement accessible to all?

GLF Live with Joycelyn Longdon

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Youth around the world are organizing climate strikes, leading restoration projects, joining learning programs and trailblazing with innovative technologies to address climate change. Yet activists on the frontlines of the climate movement are also adamant that every action taken should also work toward another goal: universal climate justice.

But what does climate justice really mean in practice? And how can its pursuit be inclusive of everyone, everywhere?

To dive into these questions and more, we spoke with Joycelyn Longdon, a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge and founder of Climate in Colour, an online education platform and community that makes climate conversations more diverse and accessible.

Listen back to the conversation here:

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Joycelyn Longdon is a 23-year-old PhD student at Cambridge University on the Artificial Intelligence For Environmental Risk (AI4ER) Programme who researches AI applications for the climate emergency. Her research will take an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the role of technology in forest conservation. She is also the founder of Climate In Colour, an online education platform and community for the climate curious, making climate conversation more accessible and diverse. Since April 2020, the platform has grown to a community of 27k+ individuals and has collaborated with a wide range of committed organisations including Estee Lauder, Samsung, Oxford University, REN Skincare, The Design Museum, Cheltenham Science Festival, Fairtrade, Greenpeace and The Wellcome Collection.

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