How do we stop the decline of the ocean?

GLF Live with Dorothée Herr

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The ocean, which covers 70 percent of our planet and supplies half of the oxygen we breathe, is in decline. The burning of fossil fuels and global warming are changing its weather-regulating systems, raising its waters to threatening heights and acidifying its pH balance beyond what its food- and air-giving species can survive.

And yet, in recent years marked by climate action, land has been the primary focus, leaving the ocean lacking the science, policy and funding it needs in order to continue sustaining its life – and ours.

In this GLF Live, Dorothée Herr, a preliminary expert on ocean policy, discussed ongoing efforts to rebalance the ‘green’ and the ‘blue’ in the context of climate change and what research, funding, decisions and developments are needed most to curb the degradation of our waters.

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Dorothée Herr is the manager for Ocean and Climate Change at the Global Marine and Polar Programme (GMPP) at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). She joined IUCN in 2009 and is now leading the IUCN’s international policy and private finance engagement on coastal and marine nature-based solutions. Ms. Herr has authored and co-authored a suite of articles and reports on ocean acidification, blue carbon as well as on coastal and marine nature-based solutions in the context of the UNFCCC, CBD and other international policy fora. Ms. Herr has developed, with a team of financial experts, the Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility (BNCFF) as well as the Subnational Climate Fund (SCF), and is managing their implementation since 2018 and 2021 respectively.

Ms. Herr received her masters degree in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University in the U.K. and her diploma in Geography from the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

This interview supports the Luxembourg-GLF Finance for Nature Platform, a new partnership on sustainable finance.




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