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8 inspirational wildlife photographers to follow in 2024

Discover these incredible artists connecting with nature and conservation.

From cuddly critters to majestic vistas, wildlife photographers fill our feeds with awe-inspiring imagery every day. Their work has the power to connect us with nature, drive conservation and give a voice to the animals that inhabit our planet – but how much do we know about the people behind the lens?

In celebration of World Wildlife Day 2024, we’re highlighting eight of these incredible artists with a list of the best wildlife photographers from around the world to follow this year.

Antony Ochieng, a.k.a. Tony Wild (Kenya)

Anthony Ochieng, also known as Tony Wild, is a Kenyan-born ecologist, wildlife photographer, traveler, educator and explorer. During his teenage years, Anthony had a unique interest in nature and has been an active youth figure in the conservation field.

He now works to connect people and nature through photography, conservation stories and environmental education.

Follow Tony on Instagram and visit his website.

Jessica Botha (South Africa)

Jess Botha is a South African wildlife photographer and guide at the Phinda Private Game Reserve. Through her wildlife photography, she aims to showcase the beauty of things that often go unnoticed, while promoting conservation and education along the way.

Follow Jess on Instagram.

Tania Escobar (Brazil)

Tania Escobar is a Brazilian cinematographer working predominantly on natural history and wildlife documentary programs. Her work and passion have taken her across the world, and she frequently films in extreme natural environments on productions for the BBC, National Geographic, Disney and many other outlets.

As a cinematographer, she strives to create images that allow people to emotionally connect with wildlife and empathize with their story. Her passion has seen her work on long-term productions in remote locations such as the Congo rainforest, spending countless hours in hides, filming at height in the canopy, through the darkness of the night, or in scorching hot deserts.

Follow Tania on Instagram.

Marlon del Aguila Guerrero (Peru)

Marlon del Aguila Guerrero is a Peruvian wildlife and conservation photographer based in Tarapoto in the Peruvian Amazon. His photography captures the intricate relationship between humans and nature, Indigenous cultural heritage and the magnificence of wildlife.

Marlon is an emerging league member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He has worked with numerous organizations, including Conservation International Peru, WWF Peru, USAID, GIZ and CIFOR-ICRAF. His photographs have also been published on Mongabay Latam and various Peruvian media platforms.

Follow Marlon on Instagram.

Aishwarya Sridhar (India)

Aishwarya Sridhar is a National Geographic explorer, filmmaker, photographer and presenter based in India. She has also written more than 200 poems about nature.

She believes that visual communication has the power to change the world and her images, poems and articles have been published in numerous publications, including BBC Wildlife, The Guardian, Mongabay, Sanctuary Asia, Saevus Magazine, Times of India, DNA, Hindustan Times, The Vibe and Pawstrail.

Follow Aishwarya on Instagram.

Vinz Pascua (Philippines)

Vinz Pascua is one of the Philippines’ youngest birders and wildlife photographers as well as an avid filmmaker, graphic designer, illustrator and layout artist. For him, wildlife photography is “an artistic and scientific outlet that combines life in the field, the beauty of the natural world and the community we seek to bring together.”

His photographs have been featured on Esquire, Eco-Business, Rappler and Canon Australia, as well as in exhibits, including the 2022 Fiera de Manila Graphic Expo. He now works with Haring Ibon, a retail brand promoting the vanishing avian treasures of the Philippines.

Follow Vinz on Instagram.

Shannon Wild (Australia)

Shannon Wild is an award-winning Australian-born wildlife photographer, cinematographer, conservationist, author and presenter based in South Africa. She has worked with National Geographic, NatGeo Wild, the United Nations and various wildlife NGOs.

According to her interview with the World Photography Organisation, one of her greatest motivations is to create images that “ignite a sense of fascination and appreciation in the viewer but more so to encourage involvement and responsibility in their preservation.”

Follow Shannon on Instagram.

Jannico Kelk (Australia)

Jannico Kelk is an Australian wildlife photographer, videographer and ecologist based in Brisbane. He has traveled to some of the world’s most unique and remote landscapes in search of wildlife and uses a mixture of technology, creativity and tenacity to produce vivid imagery to promote conservation.

Jannico is an emerging league member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. His photos have been published in international journals and publications, and his videography clients include Netflix, Plimsoll Productions, Off the Fence Productions and National Geographic. He currently works as an ecologist and ranger mentor for Woongal Environmental Services.

Follow Jannico on Instagram.

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