Moky Makura



The Storyteller

Executive Director of Africa No Filter

As a TV presenter, producer, author, and publisher, Moky Makura has told the story of some of Africa’s most successful global entrepreneurs, profiling visionaries who are leading the continent into a more prosperous and equitable future. 

But media portrayals of Africa as a continent without agency remain pervasive. So, the Nigerian-born media expert set out to support stories highlighting the individuals and organizations who are taking climate action across the region. As executive director of the donor collaborative Africa No Filter, Makura backs journalists, artists, and media platforms that are producing nuanced, contemporary stories—those with the power to transform harmful perceptions within, and about, Africa.

“The stereotypical narrative says that we lack agency, that somehow everything that happens to Africa is worse than anywhere else,” says Makura, who was educated in England and has lived in Lagos, London, and Johannesburg. “And yes, in the case of climate, we will feel the impact here. But what is missing from this narrative are the stories of the Africans working on climate initiatives,” she says. “There’s a lot happening on the continent that’s good, and we’ve got to find and highlight those stories to shift that perception that Africans lack the agency to make the change that is needed.”

Makura started her media career as the African anchor and field reporter for a South African news show, and went on to author best-selling business books, create a fiction series to encourage young Africans to read, and work as deputy director of communications for Africa at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, among other roles. Now, as public spaces are opening up for women, she encourages them to make their voices heard so their perspectives can shape more balanced and inclusive global narratives.

“The more women speak out, the more others are inspired,” she says. “If you are a woman in a leadership role in your community or organization, do share your expert voice. Women have traditionally been victims in a lot of storytelling, but that is changing – and more still needs to be done.”

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