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27 November 2023
GLF Live with Javier de Paz, Magdaleno Mendoza Hernández, Sergio López and Maggie Gonzalez
14 November 2023
GLF Live with Anne Fidelis Itubo and Elijah Kathurima Gichuru
11 November 2023
GLF Live with Nora Castañeda-Álvarez and Daniel Ashie Kotey
08 November 2023
GLF Live with Christophe Kouame, Tim Christophersen, Derrick Emsley and Analí Bustos
04 October 2023
GLF Live with Maria Helena Semedo, Jyotsna Puri and Christopher Brett
08 August 2023
GLF Live with Nicoletta Centofanti, Jingdong Hua and David Craig
25 July 2023
GLF Live with Éliane Ubalijoro
21 July 2023
GLF Live with Pablo Nicolini, Enrique Molas and Raquel Fratta


GLF Live is an interactive digital series of live conversations and Q&As with the world’s leading experts and thought leaders on sustainability and climate change. Focused on current events and popular culture, GLF Live informs and engages a global audience on the landscape and environmental impacts of what’s happening in the world today.

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