Observatoires communautaires de changement climatique en Cameroun

Avec une superficie estimée à 6700 Kilomètres carrés, Messamena est un des quatorze arrondissements du département du Haut-Nyong, région de l’Est du Cameroun. Cette localité se trouve à 200 kilomètres de Yaoundé (via Akonolinga). Elle est reliée à la capitale Yaoundé par une route en partie bitumée (114 kilomètres) d’une part ; et carrossable (86 […]
Unemployment and poverty are some of the major challenges facing today’s youth.   As a substantial number of youth live in rural areas, agriculture becomes a significant sector that provides access to employment and food. The situation is evident in Sub-Saharan Africa, where more than half of population, mainly youth -today and in the future- will […]
Currently the polls are open for over 150 youth speakers from around the world to present their experiences at the Youth Session for the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF). This is in response to a call for submissions by the Young professional’s Platform for Agricultural Research and Development (YPARD) as they seek have greater youth involvement […]
On October 30, we held a live Twitter chat with UNFCCC negotiator Tony La Viña, a forestry expert from the Philippines. The online public was able to ask questions live. They are summarized below, together with Tony’s answers. [View the story on Storify] With thanks to Tony La Viña and Purple Romero. This summary is […]
It is difficult to convince a person who has spent their entire life in internally displaced persons camps to participate in environmental conservation activities. Orphans growing up during war and relying only on food rations. Traumatized people returning home and looking at trees only in terms of the products they can gain from them. People […]
Rainfall in Kenya’s Kerio Valley can be a dangerous thing. Hurtling down from the sky, it hits the ground and steals the fertile soil away, running down the Kerio River and to bottom of Lake Kamnarok where the soil is lost forever. As a young naïve boy growing up in Kenya, I witnessed the devastating […]
Sithembile Mwamakamba will be moderating Youth: The future of Sustainable Landscapes to be held at the Global Landscapes Forum at 9am CET November 16, 2013. More details at archive.globallandscapesforum.org/youth   If you can’t make it to Warsaw, watch the event online at archive.globallandscapesforum.org/live-stream. Last year the United Nations Conference on Sustainable also known as Rio+20 concluded with a big package of commitments for action by world leaders and outcome document entitled “The Future We Want”. But in […]
In many countries, economic expansion and population growth has led to an increased demand for houses and office buildings. And if there is one thing you need to build over here in Indonesia, then it is “a brick”. The link between “agriculture” and “brick making” might not be obvious at first, but if I were […]
Los jóvenes de las zonas rurales del Perú enfrentan una época difícil: la falta de oportunidades de empleo amenazan su calidad de vida, y la agricultura tradicional basada en el uso indiscriminado de productos agroquímicos en los cultivos no solo significa que nos estamos alimentando con productos llenos de químicos, sino que muchas veces representa […]
Un jeune agriculteur sénégalais demande un arrêt du phénomène de “landgrabbing” pour le future des pays Africaines. Contexte de l’agriculture en Afrique Au début des indépendances, l’Afrique au même titre que l’occident possédait des atouts provenant du secteur agricole pour assurer son développement. Mais au début des années 80, la détérioration des termes de l’échange, […]
People in the industrialized world reap the benefits of a well-connected and seamlessly functioning network of weather stations. Instant accessibility to real-time weather information guides society’s day-to-day decision making – from what clothes to wear, how to get to and from destinations, to what crops to plant. It’s difficult to imagine a world where a weekend weather […]
Important research released in recent years has highlighted numerous effects of crops being lost along the supply chain, ­ money is lost, food  supplies are lessened, and agricultural inputs such as water, energy, and labor are wasted. Yet, this partnership challenges us to zoom out to  see an even bigger picture. As postharvest losses disrupt […]
Community Conservation Across the world, areas with high or important biodiversity are often located within Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ conserved territories and areas. Traditional and contemporary systems of stewardship embedded within cultural practices enable the conservation, restoration and connectivity of ecosystems, habitats, and specific species in accordance with indigenous and local worldviews. In spite […]