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In this news roundup: Half of mangroves at risk of collapse, EU elections deal blow to climate action, and Total executives face criminal case

At GLF Peatlands 2024, we gathered 1,200 people to explore innovative ways to protect the climate solution we forgot: peatlands.

GLF Live with Mirna Inés Fernández, Sophus zu Ermgassen and Hanieh Moghani

GLF Live with Drea Burbank and Michael Schmidt

As Mexico’s Tren Maya nears completion, locals are hopeful about a tourist boom – but worried about its impacts on water and ecosystems.

Celebrate World Bee Day 2024 with this quiz that will test your knowledge of these weird and wonderful insects.

Light pollution is losing us sleep, endangering wildlife – and not even keeping us safe at night. Here’s how we can change that.

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Peatlands cover just 3% of the Earth’s land area, but they store more carbon than the world’s forests. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Every year in March, Indigenous rangers team up with scientists and the Australian government to monitor and protect the great desert skink.

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During COVID-19 lockdown, three Australians decided to count the number of species in their backyard. The results might surprise you.

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In India, farmers are set to take part in another nationwide general strike. Critics say the latest protests are rooted in the Green Revolution.