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A new cookbook of Indigenous recipes in Mexico's poorest state reignites pride in tradition, native seeds and sense of place.

Former president of Mexico makes the case for better land use as chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate

Recent years have seen an expansion of commitments by forest country governments, corporations, donors, and investors to reduce deforestation and land-use emissions. However, these commitments have proven difficult to implement owing to the complex challenges of shifting from business-as-usual to a forest-friendly model of rural economic growth. At our session at the Global Landscapes Forum, […]

In Spanish the word for politics and policy is the same – ‘política’ – reminding us that policy is always political. Although in Spanish the adjective ‘pública’ can be added to distinguish the senses that English tries to maintain, it can serve us well to focus on their overlapping meanings. There is no policy truly […]

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein. By Ivan Zuñiga, Beatriz Zavariz and Paulina Deschamps from the Mexican Civil Council for Sustainable Silviculture (CCMSS). Since 2007, the international community has discussed how REDD+ should be tailored to the particularities of each country with the development of REDD+ […]