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Our pick of this year’s top stories
Indigenous leader Gam Shimray on the fundamentality of rights in ongoing biodiversity proceedings
Principles to help infuse other sustainability standards and activities with justice
Writer and intellectual Chika Esiobu on power and authority across the continent
Multi-stakeholder platforms need critical mass of Indigenous and local people
Q&A with Tony Simons alongside the UNCCD “land” COP
At UNCCD COP15, scientists and community members came together to help improve land tenure
Our pick of this year’s top stories
Activist and leader Selma Dealdina shares injustices against Brazil’s Afro-descendants
GLF Live with film director Joshua B. Pribanic
Movements are overlapping to take an intersectional approach to activism
GLF Live with Queer Brown Vegan founder Isaias Hernandez
GLF Live with documentary filmmaker Guille Isa and poet Donatella Gasparro
GLF Live with Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash and GLF's Salina Abraham