Traditional houses of Indonesia's Waerebo people. Aulia Erlangga, CIFOR

10 Indigenous stories to read now

Stories from our archives for Indigenous Peoples Day 2019

In honor of this year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we’ve gone through the Landscape News archives to compile a reading list of all things Indigenous, including news, poetry, documentary filmmaking and more. Enjoy, learn and share – as you’ll soon see, the stories of the Indigenous affect the stories of us all.

“Mother, Mother Nature” / “We are the Future”

Two poems from Inuk poet Aka Niviâna

Greenland’s ice cap, which spans 1.8 million square kilometers and covers some 80 percent of the island nation, is melting. Jose Eivissa, Flickr

Why Indigenous peoples’ issues must be national issues

An in-depth look at the land struggles of Peru’s Amazonian peoples

Local communities guide the way to their coffee-growing lands in Peru. Marlon del Aguila Guerrero, CIFOR

The Indigenous wisdom and medical properties of forest bathing

Experts discuss forest bathing’s history and health benefits

Forest bathing has been proven to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels, increase production of the anti-cancer proteins in NK cells and lower stress-producing cortisol levels. Aris Sanjaya, CIFOR

We’re creating a ‘gold standard’ for rights – but why?

Rights expert Alain Frechette speaks on the urgency of going for the gold

Forty percent of global land-based government-protected areas are under the care of Indigenous peoples, according to a recent report published in “Nature.” Courtesy of RRI

6 Indigenous women you should know

Hear the voices of the women leading the charge on Indigenous rights around the world

From left: Jolene Yazzie, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Aka Niviâna, Sônia Guajajara, Janene Yazzie, Emmanuela Shinta. Global Landscapes Forum

A camera lens, a weapon in Indigenous Brazil

Using ethno-communication to preserve traditions, languages and landscapes

Indigenous filmmakers use their phones to capture their culture and their outside conflicts. Toké Films

7 Indigenous technologies changing landscapes

How age-old insights are saving the modern world from climate change

A coastal Manuka forest in New Zealand, where Māori knowledge is being used to battle plant diseases.
A coastal Manuka forest in New Zealand, where Māori knowledge is being used to battle plant diseases. Russell Street, Flickr

Indigenous peoples’ work in world’s protected areas is ignored and untapped

Benchmark mapping study adds to mounting evidence

In West Kalimantan, Indigenous communities protect forests in part for reliance on their food sources. Icaro Cooke Vieira, CIFOR

Taking the Native American narrative beyond reservations

From films to the news, portrayals must change

Graphic artist Jolene Yazzie uses illustrations to change perceptions of Native American women. Courtesy of Jolene Yazzie.

Top 10 quotes on Indigenous peoples and climate change

Words from the wise

Amazonian Indigenous representatives call upon spirits of the Earth through traditional chants and dance. Pilar Valbuena, GLF



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