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Best of Landscape News 2019: Finance

Our pick of this year’s top stories

Landscape restoration has immense potential as a solution to the climate crisis – yet there’s still a shortfall of roughly USD 800 billion needed to restore even just 350 million hectares of degraded landscapes around the world (2 billion hectares offer opportunity to be restored). Last November, the Global Landscapes Forum’s fourth Investment Case Symposium in Luxembourg brought together investors, policymakers, bankers, scientists and many others to explore ways to plug that deficit. Here’s a throwback to last year’s top Landscape News stories on sustainable land-use finance, from explainers and glossaries to conversations with some of the world’s largest fund managers.

Green finance 101: How to mobilize funds for the planet

How can we mobilize funds for restoration and other climate solutions? From definitions to key players, this primer covers all the bases on green finance.

Luxembourg City, green finance hub
dr. zaro, Flickr

A green finance glossary

Confused by finance jargon like “asset classes” and “securities”? Fear not – here are the most important green finance terms you need to know.

Stock chart
Semtrio / Jack Sem, Flickr

What to think of California’s new Tropical Forest Standard

Tropical forests are vital to limiting global warming – and California has approved a carbon offset standard aimed at keeping them in place. Critics, though, warn that it could do more harm than good.

West Kalimantan tropical forest
Nanang Sujana, CIFOR

Martin Berg on sustainable finance: Where does it stand?

The EIB’s sustainable finance expert expounds on technologies, reporting and de-risking investment to beat the climate crisis.

From the end of 2020 onward, the European Investment Bank has committed to aligning all finance activities with the Paris Agreement and help bring EUR 1 trillion into sustainable investment by 2030. Philippe Put, Flickr
Philippe Put, Flickr

A brief explainer on carbon markets

Another short finance explainer, this time covering carbon taxes, cap-and-trade, voluntary markets and more.

In 2018, more than USD 44 billion was raised from carbon pricing, including carbon taxes, according to the World Bank. Trending Topics 2019, Flickr
Trending Topics 2019, Flickr

Mirova’s CEO on how the Great Recession helped grow green finance

Philippe Zaouati, CEO of asset management firm Mirova, on investing in a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova, speaks at the Global Landscapes Forum New York. Justin K. Davey, GLF
Photo: Justin K. Davey, GLF

Fresh funds to help clean up ocean plastics in Asia

Thirty major global companies have banded together to form the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), which will invest over USD 1 billion in reducing plastic pollution in the ocean.

Bo Eide, Flickr

Should we mine the Pacific Ocean’s seabed?

Island states the weigh the financial revenues of mining the Pacific Ocean for minerals against biodiversity and environmental impacts.

Tarvurvur volcano in Papua New Guinea, one of two countries to support a proposed decade-long moratorium on Pacific Ocean seabed mining. Taro Taylor, Flickr
Taro Taylor, Flickr

New guide shows investors how to overcome obstacles and work with communities

CIFOR looks at cases in Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal and Namibia for success stories in collectively ownership and management and gives six tips on how to invest in these resources.

Chandra Shekhar Karki, CIFOR

The risks and rewards of mainstreaming sustainable land-use finance

Leaders raise the profile of the sustainable land-use finance sector at the Global Landscapes Forum’s fourth Investment Case Symposium in Luxembourg.

The fourth iteration of the Global Landscapes Forum's finance-focused symposium was held in Luxembourg on 30 November 2019. Pilar Valbuena, GLF
Pilar Valbuena, GLF



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