How do we make environmentalism more intersectional?

GLF Live with Queer Brown Vegan founder Isaias Hernandez

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In 1989, the term “intersectionality” was coined to account for how social identifiers – age, gender, ethnicity, class and so on – fuel discrimination and privilege in an interconnected, domino-like fashion rather than piecemeal.

But now, given the undeniable relationship between environmental health and vulnerability levels, it’s clear that factors taken into account must extend beyond human characteristics to include planetary ones too. Activism around climate change and social justice are increasingly being interwoven, their dependency on one another giving rise to the term “intersectional environmentalism.” What is it like to stand at such a multifaceted intersection? In a youth-led GLF Live, Isaias Hernandez, founder of Queer Brown Vegan and a council member of the Intersectional Environmentalist platform, shared one perspective and explain how to navigate the fight for many forms of justice at once.

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Isaias Hernandez founded Queer Brown Vegan as an educational outlet and safe space that provides simple explanations of environmental and sustainability terminologies with an emphasis on intersectionality and justice. As a Mexican-American growing up in a community that faced environmental injustices, Hernandez became interested in learning about his environment. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s environmental science program, where he worked with student organizations to amplify the diversity of voices within the environmental movement. As a queer, brown and vegan environmentalist, Isaias is using his platform to spark discussions around intersectionality and justice in the environmental movement.



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