How should we be using wild species?

GLF Live with Marla Emery

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Nearly all humans, in some form or fashion, use wild species in their daily lives. From food to energy, industry, furniture, infrastructure, apparel and simple enjoyment outdoors, wild species underpin our health, wealth and overall way of life. And yet, our unsustainable use of nature is one of the main drivers casting an omen of extinction onto some 1 million forms of wild life.

At the start of July 2022, the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), regarded as the foremost scientific agency on biodiversity, is convening in Bonn, Germany to inform policymakers from over 130 governments with its most recent findings. As part of these meetings, IPBES will launch its Sustainable Use of Wild Species Assessment, a seminal work of more than 85 experts from 33 countries over the past four years. In this report, attention is brought to the most critical ways wild species sustain us, and pathways are laid out for how we can ensure their continued survival.

Directly following the Assessment’s official launch, this GLF Live featured Marla Emery, one of the report’s three co-chairs, in a conversation held alongside the IPBES meetings at the Bonn UN headquarters. In this interview, she discusses the report’s main points of concern – and of action.

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