Tag: agriculture

Day 2 of GLF Amazonia looks at links between supply chains and livelihoods of Amazonian peoples
Three questions with Future Africa director Cheikh Mbow
A quick rundown on one of our planet’s most critical ecosystems
Scientists and policymakers stress importance of targeting agricultural landscapes in Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
How “farmer-managed natural regeneration” is taking hold on the African continent and beyond
4 questions with IFAD president Gilbert F. Houngbo on strategies for rural communities
Ndidi Nwuneli is bringing her region’s food and agriculture systems into a new era
A restoration project in northern DRC is bringing degraded land back into productivity
A Q&A with natural resources management specialist Patrick Ranjatson
The ubiquitous, un-trumpeted ecosystems that are critical to feeding the world
When the growing gets tough, the tough get pre-breeding
New agricultural techniques are growing one of the world’s most ancient cereal crops into a solution to hunger – and a food trend
Our pick of this year’s top stories
Why investing in natural capital makes sense for people, planet (and profit!)
CGIAR and big data “Inspire” digital leadership in agriculture
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