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GLF Live with Augustine Kasambule, Patricia Kombo, Kamanzi Claudine and David Owino

What are flash droughts? In this quick explainer, find out why they’re happening, how they’re affecting us, and what we can do about them.

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Worsening drought, climate extremes and conflict are brewing a growing humanitarian crisis as the world looks on.

GLF Live with Andrea Meza Murillo

In this news roundup: Earth approaching climate tipping points, DHL orders electric aircraft, and why remote working isn’t as green as you might think

GLF Live with Fiona Flintan, Patrick Augenstein and Ken Otieno

How “farmer-managed natural regeneration,” FMNR, is taking hold on the African continent and beyond to combat drought and boost agriculture.

A Q&A with natural resources management specialist Patrick Ranjatson about the drought in southern Madagascar

New report says more funding is needed to complete the African initiative to restore 100 million hectares of degraded landscapes.

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