Susie Kinyanjui, chief financial officer of Cookswell Jikos. Photo credit: Teddy Kinyanjui

Susie Kinyanjui leads 1.5 million charcoal seedball sowing reforestation initiative

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To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, Landscapes News is publishing a series of stories honoring women with a laurel for their dedication to improving the landscape. In this profile, Nadia De Souza of Lion Guardians writes about Susie Kinyanjui. Check Viewpoint all week for more laurel recipients.

Susie Kinyanjui is the chief financial officer of Cookswell Jikos, a stove production company whose admirable aim is to promote sustainable production and utilization of wood fuels in Kenya.

They do this through multiple facets of their company, but one of their main projects is to facilitate the reforestation of Kenya, with the help of an invention they’ve called Seedballs.

These are indigenous tree seeds, encapsulated in protective charcoal dust that provides the seeds with protection from seed eating predators.

Seedballs allow for easy distribution across vast landscapes, and the seeds can simply be thrown out into the ecosystem and sit until the rains come, safe in their capsules.

Susie and the team work with large conservation projects across Kenya, and have made huge contributions to the country’s 2022 reforestation plans, having already distributed more than 1.5 million indigenous tree seeds to date.

I think Susie is one of the most passionate women out there making an impressive effort towards large scale reforestation.


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