Uma casa no Rio Negro na Amazônia, Brasil, enviada para a competição de fotografia do GLF Amazônia. Ben Duarte

GLF Amazonia by the numbers

A look at some key numbers on the Global Landscape Forum's digital conference on the Amazon biome

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Global concern for the Amazon rainforest is rising, as this ecological wonder faces growing threats from fires, deforestation and climate change. All this is increasingly turning a crucial carbon sponge into a carbon emitter, which does not bode well for the fight against global warming. On 21-23 September, the Global Landscapes Forum hosted GLF Amazonia: The Tipping Point, a digital conference that brought together thousands of individuals from around the world to find solutions to this crisis.

Here are some key numbers from the event:

  • 5,833 participants from 115 countries, with 4,361 from 27 Latin American and the Caribbean countries.
  • Top three countries by participants: Peru (1,261), Brazil (1,257) and Colombia (736)
  • Of participants, 3,054 were women, and 3,055 were youth (between the ages of 18 and 35)
  • 278 speakers, 137 of whom were women
  • 9 plenaries and 3 launchpads
  • 53 participants in journalism seminar
  • 115 session hosts and partner organizations, 16 media partners and 4 sponsors
  • 54 media hits, with a potential reach of 64,294,507
  • 10,563 web stream views – with 26,400 Facebook stream views, 1,688 Twitter video views and 587 Instagram Live views
  • Event social media reach of over 27.3 million in 58 countries
  • Over 112 million social media impressions
  • At least 384,510 engagements on social media
  • 6,952 social media posts using #GLFAmazonia
  • Gain of 7,883 followers across social media platforms
  • 3 Youth Daily Shows

The event featured young activists in a storytelling competition during the Youth Daily Shows. The winners were Ribaldo Piaguaje from Ecuador (1st), Mery Nube Utitiaj Nunink from Ecuador (2nd) and Luis Carlos Ramos Gomez from Colombia (3rd).

A film festival also took place throughout the conference, showcasing filmmakers and their work from across the Amazon region in film screenings and panel discussions:

In addition, the conference included a photo competition. All of the photos submitted can be found here.

The first place winner is Yair Suárez Salazar from Colombia, with the picture “Weaving the river”, taken in San Pedro de los Lagos, in Colombia.

The second place winner is Wilfredo Karwarupay Poje from Peru, with the picture “Illegal mining and the cry of nature”, taken in Madre de Dios, Peru.

And the third place winner is Mariana Oliveira from Brazil, with the picture “Green Lake during the flood”, taken in Santarém, Pará, Brazil.

If you missed any sessions, you can go back and rewatch them on the event platform for another two weeks. You can also read standout quotes from the event or a wrap-up of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the conference.



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