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In this news roundup: EU passes landmark nature restoration law, Google emissions soar due to AI, and extreme heat threatens Paris Olympics.

What are forever chemicals, and why do they matter? Find out why PFAS are a growing public health concern – and how we can get rid of them.

International tourism is booming like never before. What could that mean for the planet – and is sustainable tourism possible?


Peatlands are one of our most important climate solutions – and one of the most threatened. Here’s how we can protect them.

Boreal forest is the world’s largest terrestrial biome, but it’s now under threat from climate change. Here’s what we can do about it.

Model Forests are neutral forums where diverse people and groups can have a say in the governance of forest-based landscapes and watersheds.

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Ever wanted to build your own tree nursery? From choosing a site to transplanting seeds, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

In Sri Lanka, fishers are being squeezed between economic turmoil and depleted fisheries. Here’s how environmental education could solve that.

In Indonesia’s West Kalimantan, farmers and weavers are restoring mangroves and producing sustainable packaging to reduce plastic waste.

8 Women with a New Vision for Earth 2024

17 June 2024

What can we learn from the droughts in Africa?

GLF Live with Augustine Kasambule, Patricia Kombo, Kamanzi Claudine and David Owino